Our people can stuff the most unusual mailers.
Customers get a lasting first impression the second they open the door of a retail store. It's the
same when they open your direct mail package. That's the moment of truth. And that's why
we take incredible pains to make sure all of your packages are perfect.

Everyone at A Mail'n List Co. 4 U is trained to treat each package like their own personal mail.
Which is why our managers triple check teh interior to guarantee that correct postage, zip code,
and endorsements are in place. No package is too complex or unusual for us to handle.

We've sent Haagen Dazs Ice Cream to food editors across the country. And rocks to new homeowners
throughout California and the West. And every day, we mail more conventional items. Including
millions of postcards and envelopes of every size. No matter how complex your package is, we
can handle it. When it comes to mail handling, we've got the right stuff. And the right stuffers.

We Have The Toughest Fulfillment Challenges Licked.
A Mail'n List Co. 4 U can offer your complete fulfillment, we have more than 20,000 square feet of floor
space to warehouse large quantities of product. The shipping know-how to save you time, money and
hassles. And the paper generation expertise to keep your orders complete, current and carefully tracked.
We can fulfill projects of virtually any size or complexity. We can even handle credit card purchases.
Because we're experts at taking orders from your customers.

They Don't Need What You're Selling. They've Already Bought It.
Choose the wrong list–or the wrong list broker–and your direct mail could go straight to the
dead letter office. At Mail'n List Co. 4 U, we offer a complete range of services, including:

  • List Compilation: Drawing on varied sources–trade show registration, directories and sales slips,
    to name just a few–we'll compile an original list targeting your audience. We'll also keep your
    company's house file/database current and complete.

  • List Management: If you own lists other firms might value, we can market, maintain and manage
    them to maximize your profit.

  • List Brokerage: We research, recommend and select a wide range of highly targeted list rentals.
    Including mailing, prospect and telemarketing lists. Plus Millions of names nationwide for business or
    consumer purposes.

After completion of your mailing run, we evaluate the results. To make certain you're reaching your
audience. And you goals. All our lists are guaranteed to be at least 90% deliverable. That's recognized
as one of the highest guarantees in the business. But to us, that's just business as usual.

Copyright 2006, A Mail'n List Co. 4 U